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From Etsy to Entrepreneur

After working with a very persistent customer, I decided to finally take the plunge and create an Etsy Shop in 2015. Little did I know that this would be the catalyst of resigning from my career in Higher Education at an elite private college in 2017 and opening my own brick and mortar studio space in 2019 (and also surviving - and pivoting services - during the 2020 pandemic). Becoming an entrepreneur has been life changing for the better, and has created the artistic freedom that I once dreamed of, while also utilizing the professional connections that I made throughout my career (the power of networking - and #hashtags!). This lecture/interview will encourage creative to take the plunge, trust their creative instincts, and hold on tight - creativity is a muscle that can only get stronger during tough times.

A Career in "Cursive"

Why Cursive/Calligraphy Still (and Should) Matter

It's not just Grandma's Cookie Recipe... A world (and school system) without cursive handwriting translates to a generation of young people who will be partially illiterate (*insert audible gasp here*). Thus, a generation will be without the ability and skill set to read and/or write in cursive. The consequences are plenty and the job forecast predicts that a "cursive translator" will need to help us understand more than Recipes, but instead historical documents such as the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc.



Add Personalization to Every Message

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Why cursive is important

Because of today's technology, handwriting has become a forgotten art for many. This has several negative implications, such as:

  • Reduced fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in current students
  • Reduced ability to read and decipher historical documents

At The Adirondack Ink, we share our passion for handwriting with every student. You can also hire our specialist for consulting work - perfect for teachers to find a way to inspire their students.

Our owner has a love and appreciation for calligraphy that she's ready to share with you. To learn more about consulting opportunities or the importance of cursive, contact us today.